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Catholic High School in Jackson, Michigan


Lumen Christi Catholic School is conducting key fundraising initiatives to raise over one million dollars annually. This effort supports enhancing education, increasing teacher salaries, providing tuition assistance, and maintaining school operations. 


Did you know that Lumen Christi needs to raise over one million dollars annually to offset the cost to educate, increase teacher salaries, provide tuition assistance and fund operations?  


Please consider donating to our Annual Appeal: Donate Here!


Consider a special gift in memory of your loved one: Donate Today


Lumen Christi Catholic School honors everyone who includes Lumen Christi as a beneficiary to their will or estate plans.

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts are designed to enhance a donor’s financial and estate plans and, at the same time, to support the long-term financial stability of an institution through an endowment.  Planned gifts can take a variety of forms.

  • Bequests – Designate Lumen Christi as a beneficiary in your will.

  • Life Insurance Policy – You may donate a policy you no longer need, take out a new policy, or name Lumen Christi as the primary or contingent beneficiary of an existing policy, which may yield estate tax savings.

  • Retirement Assets – Naming Lumen Christi as the beneficiary of retirement assets such as 401(k) or IRA may also provide significant income and estate tax savings.

  • Life Income Gifts – Do you own low-yielding assets like securities that have appreciated in value?  Do you want to sell those assets and reinvest in higher income vehicles?  A charitable remainder trust might be your answer.  A charitable remainder trust gives the donor a payment for a set term of years or for life, with the remaining trust property passing to Lumen Christi.

There are so many long term options available that we recommend our donors seek advice from an attorney or financial planner. The school has several alumni who represent these professions and can assist you with your planning needs if you so desire. It is never too soon to plan, and we are here to help. There is also a simple brochure that outlines the giving procedure. Please contact Ted Ludlow at or 517-435-0266, and we will be happy to mail one to you promptly. Thank you!


Jackson Catholic Schools serves students preschool through 12th grade across four schools in Jackson County. The mission of Jackson Catholic Schools is to joyfully cultivate God’s goodness, beauty, and truth. Through our Catholic faith, we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, grow in virtue and intellect, and form our students to lead and serve our communities as saints. Donate Here


Consider transferring shares of stock electronically to Lumen Christi Catholic School. It's easy. The Lumen Christi Catholic School account information is as follows:
Meridian Wealth Management of Michigan clearing through Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC Account # 4168-3968

DTC # 0141

Our contact is John Stewart, Managing Partner at 517.789.0146 or Bradley Clark, Managing Partner at 517.789.0145

Important Notes for Transfers:


  • Lumen Christi Catholic School’s tax identification number: 38-1865499

  • Make sure that your broker calls Lumen Christi Catholic School at 517.787.0630 to let us know when to expect the transfer.

  • We need to know your name, the name of the stock being transferred, the number of shares, the approximate date of transfer, and the name and phone number of the broker who is making the transfer. This ensures that we'll not only receive the stock, we'll know who gave it to us.

  • Please contact Ted Ludlow, Chief Development Officer  at 517-435-0266 or 517.787.0630 with any questions about completing a gift of stock.

Learn about other ways to make a gift—and a difference—through the links at the top left of this page.

If you have questions about giving to Lumen Christi, please call Ted Ludlow, Chief Development Officer at 517.435.0266

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