Quarterly Student Assessments


Dear Families,

Our mission is to create disciples of Christ, prepared to change the world for their faith.  In order to do this, we know we must prepare our students with real world, tangible skills and accomplishments so they have the tools they need to make their mark.

Beginning the week of October 16, 2017 all students grades 7-12 will be participating in Quarterly Assessments in all subjects.  Quarterly Assessments are formative assessments written before the quarter began by teachers for several purposes.

  • First, it establishes the academic expectation for the quarter, so we know that all students are achieving grade level mastery and beyond.
  • Second, it will give the teachers feedback on each individual student’s learning in order to design group and personalized re-teaching plans so that even more students achieve mastery.
  • Finally, it allows teachers to reflect on their own practices and which strategies are working best for students.

Quarterly Assessments are particularly important for students because they demonstrate a student’s cumulative mastery of all material for the quarter and achievement of grade level standards.

Each Quarterly Assessment will focus on five important standards for the quarter, with 3-6 questions per standard.  Assessments will be spread out throughout the week and homework will be lightened that week (although not eliminated!).  Students will get a grade (approximately a test grade) for their performance on the Quarterly Assessment.

Our students deserve a world class education — we are grateful you have chosen us to do this work!

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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