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Honoring Our Champions


Dear Families,

With a score of 40 points to Ithaca’s 34, Lumen Christi Football achieved their 10th state title and became champions.  It was inspiring to see the many students, parents, families, and Lumen Christi supporters there to showcase their Lumen Christi pride and experience the excitement of a championship win!

With so many of you there, you may know about the bruising offensive line and explosive runs.  Today, I’d like to tell you about two things that happened this week, after the game.

First, many of our players finish their football season only to begin a new winter sport the next day.  On Monday, one of the football captains, newly minted a hockey captain, came into the office of Mr. Shaughnessy, our Assistant Principal for Academics.

He asked: “Mr. Shaughnessy, will you still keep us updated on grades during hockey?  We want to keep having our morning study sessions to make sure that everyone on the team is on track and doing well in class.”

Second, we were hoping to honor our students with a spirit day this week.  However, when we tried to plan the date, we realized that many, many of the football players, band students, and cheerleaders we were hoping to recognize spent most of the week at Kairos, our 3 day retreat for upperclassmen, and were not in school.

Lumen Christi Division 6 2017 ChampionsThese young people know that being a champion means being All In, all together, all the time.

Becoming a champion takes only 60 minutes, but being a champion is hard work each and every day and this work has only just started — and they certainly are champions.

To honor all of our champions, Monday will be a spirit day for all students and staff.  Students must wear Lumen Christi gear with jeans or sweats.

The State Championship trophy will be traveling to classes, to reside where it belongs — with our champions.

A very resounding, extra special: Go Titans!

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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