Stand Up for Titans with Courageous Kindness: Our Bullying Policy

Dear Families,

Last week, we addressed the need for increased school safety, especially procedures for entering the building and facilities upgrades that will create safe spaces.

In considering our student’s safety, addressing bullying behaviors so that every student feels safe, loved, and welcomed at school every day is as significant.  It supports our physical safety, but as importantly, makes sure students are spiritually, emotionally, and socially safe, as well.

About 18 months ago, the feedback of our parents and students helped us recognize that there were bullying behaviors occurring in our school and that we needed to do a better job of addressing and stopping these behaviors.  Mrs. Amanda Garred, school counselor and Dean of Women, and I reached out to partners and did research to find programs that would help us better create a safe and positive school culture.

With the recommendation of one of our community partners, we purchased the Olweus National Bullying program, and immediately adapted its policies and recommendations for our school environment.  Since last winter, we have been applying this program within our school and in individual situations where bullying behaviors have occurred.  Since adopting this policy last winter, we have had zero reported instances where bullying has re-occurred after being addressed.

However, in light of recent national events and again, with feedback from our parents, we have recognized that our program will gain strength from sharing.  We want all parents and students to be aware of our procedures and policies to further encourage reporting and therefore support.  In addition to sharing here, we will post this policy on our website and update our handbook.

We hope you review this policy as a family, and discuss:

  • What does it mean to be courageously kind? How can I display courageous kindness in everything I do?
  • What is my plan of action if someone is unkind to me?  How will I know if they are bullying behaviors?
  • What is my plan of action if I witness bullying behaviors?  How can I be courageously kind?


In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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