Fight Song

Fight Song

Lumen Christi

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 The Lumen Christi Fight Song!

We are the more than mighty Titans,
The team of Lumen Christi High
We can run and we can throw
give us the ball and just look at us go.
Come on let’s hear it for the Titans.
Give a cheer that the whole world can hear.
So wave your Green and Gold
Lumen’s colors bright and bold
Mighty Titans. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

Just look at the way we show
we’ve got the spirit YEAH!
Just look at the way
our team commands the ball.
We carry it with pride in mighty Titan stride.
We’re up the hill and down the hill
just watch our victims fall.
There’s never a team can terrorize the Titans.
We thunder and we plunder as we go.
We will not cower. We’ve got power,

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