St. Francis De Sales Society Celebrates 25 Years

The St. Francis De Sales Society is an organization of individuals who are concerned not only with maintaining the level of academic excellence at Lumen Christi, but also with finding ways to improve that excellence and the opportunities the school offers.

Devotion, Dedication, and Giving Back

In 1997, we introduced an Annual Appeal to meet annual budget needs.  At that time the Society was incorporated into our Annual Appeal.  In conjunction with this change, we shifted the Mass & Dinner from the fall (October) to the spring (May and later to April).

Each year since then, we have seen an annual increase in membership.  The generosity of the Society members has proven to be vital to the overall success of the Annual Appeal, thus insuring the financial health of our school.

The Society recognizes donors who have generously donated a minimum of $750 earmarked to Annual Appeal each fiscal year and those individuals who have included Lumen Christi in their Planned Giving. The Society was established in 1992 and renamed in 2016 to honor St. Francis De Sales and the Oblates who served and continue to serve our school.

Each year, individuals are selected for their dedication to Catholic Education and Lumen Christi to be honored at an annual dinner event. This year, the event will take place on April 22, 2017. To become a member of the society, please contact the Advancement Office.

The Story of Saint Francis de Sales

Francis was destined by his father to be a lawyer so that the young man could eventually take his elder’s place as a senator from the province of Savoy in France. For this reason Francis was sent to Padua to study law. After receiving his doctorate, he returned home and, in due time, told his parents he wished to enter the priesthood. His father strongly opposed Francis in this, and only after much patient persuasiveness on the part of the gentle Francis did his father finally consent.

Francis was ordained and elected provost of the Diocese of Geneva, then a center for the Calvinists. Francis set out to convert them, especially in the district of Chablais. By preaching and distributing the little pamphlets he wrote to explain true Catholic doctrine, he had remarkable success.

At 35, he became bishop of Geneva. While administering his diocese he continued to preach, hear confessions, and catechize the children. His gentle character was a great asset in winning souls. He practiced his own axiom, “A spoonful of honey attracts more flies than a barrel full of vinegar.”


Francis de Sales took seriously the words of Christ, “Learn of me for I am meek and humble of heart.” As he said himself, it took him 20 years to conquer his quick temper, but no one ever suspected he had such a problem, so overflowing with good nature and kindness was his usual manner of acting. His perennial meekness and sunny disposition won for him the title of “Gentleman Saint.”

Saint Francis de Sales is the Patron Saint of:

  • Authors
  • Deafness
  • Journalists
  • Writers

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