Praying for the Sacredness of Life in Our Schools

Next Wednesday, we will be having a prayer service to honor the sacredness of life.  We are strengthening the national protest going on that day against gun violence in schools by using prayer to lift up all students everywhere and to remind each other of our responsibility to protect each one.  The prayer service was planned by students, so we are very excited to offer this as an opportunity.  It is titled “Prayer for Love, Prayer for LIFE, Prayer for Light.”

The prayer service will last from 10:00 a.m. until 10:17 a.m. to coincide with the national service and will be held in the hallway outside the chapel.  It is open to 9th – 12th graders with at least a “C” or better in the class they are missing (or an exemption from that teacher).  Seventh and eighth grade students will honor the sacredness of life in their Tuesday Grade Level Meeting.

We are honored to make space for this.  Quarterly assessment week is very busy.  However, the opportunity for our students to commit to change the world — to take a stand when they see a wrong, to lift their hearts and prayers to God while taking action at the same time, is the best we could hope for our students.  Thank you for joining them in lifting these prayers with your supportive words and investment in this project.

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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