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In May We Crown Our Mothers

Dear Families,

This morning, at St. John’s May Crowning, Fr. Brian Lentz preached about the importance of Mary, the mother of Christ, and our own mothers.

In introducing his topic, he went through the Ten Commandments with the students.  With enthusiasm, their hands shot into the air with lots of wonderful responses on what the first three were.  Finally, he got to the fourth.  “Love your parents,” a student volunteered.  “Yes!” Fr. Brian exclaimed.  “That’s right!”

Because, after all, doesn’t honoring start with love?  The love that the mothers in our community have for their sons and daughters is extraordinary.  I see them suffer through snow and rain in freezing cold stands, haul tubas in cramped cars day after day, sew sequins on skirts for hordes of dancing ladies in the musicals, console their student when disappointed, kiss their student good-bye each morning, and show up for their big day time and time again.

If we are a community based upon the love of Christ, we are able to do that because of the love that our mothers demonstrate.  Mothers, thank you for the love you pour into our students, that can’t help but make it’s way into our school.  Thank you for the love that you pour into our school, that we might love your children better.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our mothers — we love you!

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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