Do You Have to Be Catholic to Go to a Catholic School?

Warm and Welcoming to All

Lumen Christi welcomes students of all faiths into our educational community. Though the majority of the students are Catholic, 20% come from diverse faith backgrounds.

Our core value of “Living Faith” encourages all students to seek to discover God’s will for their lives.  Many of our non-Catholic students are involved in activities at their own church. We encourage students to fulfill their community service hours by engaging in the mission of their own place of worship.

All students are required to take religion/theology class while attending Lumen Christi. Students of other faiths are encouraged to share their own faith traditions in the classroom discussions.

While there differences exist between faiths, discussing these differences add immense value and perspective. Students come to understand the common beliefs and values that different faith traditions share.

Parents choose Lumen Christi for it’s high academic standards, fine arts, and athletic programs. Most importantly, parents see immense value in the benefits that a Christian environment provides.

Lumen Christi Catholic School provides the best learning environment regardless of faith. Students grow in moral character, knowledge, respect for others and the ability to freely express God’s will for the human race. Lumen Christi not only teaches our students to be the Light of Christ in this life but for eternity.

Finally, parents choose Lumen Christi for the sense of community. Families are encouraged to take part in both academic and athletic events. Alumni continue to be involved in the school long after they graduate. Our alumni network around the country is vast and supportive. It provides career opportunities for all students after college regardless if they are Catholic or non-Catholic. Once you are a Lumen grad, you are for life.

Lumen Christi’s core value of “Be Warm and Welcoming” is accomplished through the actions:

·      We embrace the diversity of others and their beliefs.

·      We welcome all who seek to be part of our community.

·      We lift up those in need.

Our Mission: Lumen Christi Catholic School educates students of all faiths in a safe, nurturing, Christ-centered environment.

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