Teachers Shine at Lumen Christi!

Dear Families,

Next Monday kicks off National Teacher Appreciation Week.

Here at Lumen Christi, we are blessed with an incredible faculty.  Our faculty models faith and character for our students.  Our faculty dreams big dreams for our students, and pushes them along the path towards those dreams.  Our faculty works to build a relationship with each and every student. They stay late.  They come early.  They plan. They grade. They cheer. They call. Most importantly, they work every day to love our students as if they were their own.  Each day, I witness the ways in which they change kids’ lives.

This week, I invite you to send an e-mail or note of appreciation to a teacher or teachers who have impacted your student’s life.  The work we do is work of the heart, and the best possible way you could show your gratitude is to share your heart with them.

Thank you, teachers, for being the fuel for the fire of our students’ Light.

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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