Supporting our Grieving Community in the New Year

Dear Families,

Over the Christmas break, our Lumen Christi community experienced two incredible losses.  On December 23, the Eaker family lost their mother, Stephanie, and grandfather, David. On December 28, the Morris family lost their mother, Nancy. Over the break, many students, staff members, parents, and community came together to honor these mothers, their families, and our students at two beautiful funerals.

As we return to school, students and staff members may be impacted by these losses in a variety of ways.  We will be providing space for students who need extra support particularly when we return to school, and on-going as needed.

In the meantime, we wanted to provide you with some strategies to talk to your own student, or to talk with your student about in terms of how they can support their classmates in the next days, weeks, and months.  A few tips for helping students after a loss, provided by counselor Mrs. Amanda Garred:

  • Offer a listening ear:  Sometimes just opening the door to conversation, then offering space for a young person to verbalize their thoughts, questions, feelings helps them to feel like their feelings are heard.
  • A mixture of emotions is normal:  Help young people to understand they may feel a mix of emotions, when dealing with grief.  Encourage them to freely express those emotions
  • Offer safe spaces:  Plan ahead with your young person, so they know where to find support when/if they need it.  Identify an adult at home or within the family/friend circle, who they know they can call upon for support.  Lean on school supports, such as school counselor or a trusted teacher, to ensure they feel supported in their school environment as well.

Thank you for your prayers for these families and our students.

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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