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Successes Rewarded with College Cash at Lumen Christi

Dear Families,

Success abounds as we end the year!

We are so proud of the work our juniors and seniors have done to increase their college readiness via Advanced Placement courses.  This year, we had 51 seniors take 79 tests, with the potential for 237 college credits earned!  With the average cost per credit hour at a public university in the state of Michigan at $233 (including community colleges), this represents a potential $55,221 worth of college credits earned this year alone!  Beyond this, we know that our graduates continue to be exceptionally well-prepared to succeed in college through the rigorous preparataion they receive in all classes at Lumen Christi.

Universities around the country clearly recognize the value of a Lumen Christi graduate, as our seniors this year earned a record-setting $8.05 million in college scholarships!  This represents $68,803.42 per senior of college opportunity earned!

It is so wonderful to see outside organizations recognize just how hard-working and committed are students are.  Kudos to you, Titans!

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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