Students Take Risk and Soar in Quarter 2

Dear Families,

As Catholics, we are called to live to our God-given potential, to let our light shine and not cover it with a basket.  At Lumen Christi, we believe that we help our children achieve this mission by providing opportunities for safe, guided risk-taking.  When students receive an opportunity to challenge themselves, they open their ears to God’s calling and recognize the greatness to which God has called each and every one of them.  From our weighted GPA, encouraging honors and AP classes, to our extended extra-curricular offerings for both middle school and high school, we work to partner with parents and students to help every student discover themselves through challenge.

This week, both MS and HS students have an opportunity to challenge themselves and go beyond their comfort zones to discover their God-given capacity.  For middle school, we are beginning tryouts for winter sports.  We encourage students to try something new and explore what they are interested in during these 7th and 8th grade years.

In high school, students sign up for quarter 2 seminars this week.  With the short, twice a week 25-minute seminar period, students have a safe opportunity to take a risk with their interests, a chance to explore swing dance, or crew for the fall play, or a faith-based community opportunity like Lisieux or Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

We know that our students are destined for greatness and part of that greatness is exploring the unknown.  We can’t wait to see your student’s next great adventure!

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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