Students Reflect On What Makes Lumen Christi Special


Dear Families,

With December upon us and snow finally on the ground, we are officially in the season of “giving”!

As parents, you give so much to your students and to Lumen Christi.  We know that it takes sacrifice to make the commitment to Catholic education, and today, we wanted to give you something in return — knowing the impact it makes on your student.

Today, we trained our Student Ambassadors for the year, students from grades 7-11 who will help lead future Titans.  At the end of the training, they reflected upon what makes Lumen Christi special:

I can come here and talk to any of the Deans or Mrs. Kristovic or anyone in the office and feel comfortable, and everyone here knows your name, and what sports you play, and something about you, and you just really know that they love us.

I like the teachers here, I like the sports, one thing I really like is that if I have question and ask a teacher or staff, they’ll answer me right away.

I really love that, not like other schools, we have faith and school at the same time.  We learn about God at the same time we learn about everything else.

I like how everyone connects with each other, even if the student doesn’t know you personally, we know each other’s names, and something about them, and says hi and makes you feel welcome.

I just really feel like it’s home.  We’ve been here since 8th grade now, and it really feels in the morning like we are leaving one home to go to another home.

I like how you walk around the halls, and you just know everyone’s name.

Everyone is so open, we’re just so loving of each other.  I can disagree with someone else, and it’s okay, because we have that relationship and we’re family.

I like how everyone wants you to succeed and if you have a problem, you can go to anyone and they will help you fix it.  They have higher expectations for grades and to do better and have a good future.

Thank you for the gift of your student and allowing us to be partners in their future.

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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