Spring Raffle Kicks-Off for 2019!

Dear Families,

This Thursday, we kick off our spring raffle.  The spring raffle is one of our most significant fundraisers of the year.  The money from the spring raffle goes directly to our operating budget.  The money raised is the equivalent of several teachers, 80% of our extra-curricular budget, or an entire year of school and lawn maintenance.  Participating in the spring raffle is a significant investment in our school and in our future.

As parents, many of you participate in the spring raffle by buying tickets — thank you!  We hope you will continue to spread your impact by asking friends and families to purchase tickets, as well.  This is a great opportunity for you to spread the good news about Lumen Christi to those in our community and outside our community:

  • Our ACT score for the class of 2019 was 1.5 points higher than anticipated.
  • Seven teams so far this year have participated in a state level competition.
  • Middle School band earned all 1’s at Solo and Ensemble.
  • Our enrollment is 6 students HIGHER than it was at the beginning of the year.

Selling raffle tickets is a great opportunity to tell people all over that the light is shining at Lumen Christi brighter than ever — and everyone has a chance to be on fire for our faith and our school!

Please look over the next few weeks for important announcements and incentives regarding the spring raffle.

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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