Spring Raffle Energizes Lumen Christi!

Dear Families,

Our students at Lumen Christi are amazing, and they deserve from us the best possible faculty, the most updated curriculum, updated fiber for internet connectivity (coming this summer!), extensive athletics and extra-curriculars, and leadership and faith opportunities outside of the classroom.

Participation in the annual Spring Raffle allows for these opportunities.  Our Spring Raffle proceeds constitute 2.5% of our operating budget.  It is equivalent to two teachers, 75% of our athletic and extra-curricular budget, 20 students worth of tuition assistance, or a $200 tuition increase for all families. It is absolutely necessary to further the vision and mission of Lumen Christi.

Thank you for expressing your love for Lumen Christi and your student by selling our raffle tickets.  We have big dreams for Lumen Christi and our students, and we want everybody to be a part of them!

In the spirit of fun and community, we have a few upcoming rewards for sales this week.

Monday will be our first turn in day of the week. If we bring in $50,000 by Monday, we will have a  school wide out of uniform for entire school on Tuesday.  Sweats WILL be allowed (please no leggins or yoga pants).   Classes with 100% participation by Monday can be out of uniform rest of week (freshmen in particular are VERY close!).

Tuesday will not be a turn in day.

Thursday will be our next turn in day of the week, and if we collect $70,000 by Thursday, our entire school (students, faculty, and staff!) will have Friday off school!

If you would like to buy tickets online or share an online link with family and friends, please visit our LC website here. Thank you for all the ways you support our students and Lumen Christi, and especially for contributing to Spring Raffle.  Go Titans!

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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