Showing Up: Attendance Breeds Success

Dear Families,

As quarter 1 comes to a close, our attention turns to quarter 2 and the rest of the year.  Parents and students alike ask “How can we have a great start?”

One of the best ways to ensure success, both at Lumen Christi and in life, is just to show up!  We know from national research, but most of all from our own experience, that attendance is one of the most significant ways that students can impact their performance.  Being at school, every day and on time, sets a student up for success from the very beginning.  Last year, our attendance was 96%, and we know it contributed to our students’ many achievements.

As you look into quarter 2 with your family, set an attendance goal that is right for you: how will you show up this quarter?

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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