Preparing for Christmas


Dear Families,

In Advent, we prepare for the coming of Christ.  The season gives us pause — to reflect that once the world was in darkness, and now there is light. Waiting for Christ in Advent reminds us that Christ is with us, always.

Each Friday, students participate in a 25 minute seminar for Faith and Leadership development.  This is an explicit time to address their spiritual, emotional, and social well-being and to challenge themselves to even further become the person that they envision for themselves.

Today’s seminar began with a video clip from Fr. Mike Schmidtz. Father Mike SchmidtzIn the video, Fr. Schmidtz invites students to reflect on how they let Jesus shine through their every moment.

We discussed with the students: Is Christ with you at practice?  With your friends?  Do you let Him shine through you in band?  During study hall?  With your siblings?

And then, we reminded them:  Christ is already in each of them.  Every moment, every day, He walks by their side.  When they let Him shine through them, they find their greatest selves.

In this Advent season, as we wait for Christ, what a wonderful time to see Him in the face and hearts of our students.  They are loved, they are worthy, they are wonderful.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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