“Practicing” at Prom Night

Dear Families,

This week, our juniors and seniors celebrate Prom.  For generations, this event has created joy with beautiful ballgowns, traditional tuxes, fancy food, and dancing lights.

With all the joy that comes tonight comes an important rite of passage.  Prom marks the transition between adolescence and adulthood — it is a celebration of maybe, not quite, almost being grown up.  It reminds us of the importance of this time in our students’ lives: they are creating habits that are becoming their character.

So on this prom night, we wish for them:

  • Practice being kind.  With your words and your invitations, make all feel welcome and included.  As you grow, kindness will be what people remember about you and the legacy that you leave long after you are gone.
  • Practice being responsible.  We have each other.  Keep each other safe.  Make decisions that work towards your big goals — the best rewards are usually the ones that are far away.
  • Practice being joyful.  God made us for happiness and light.  When joy is in front of you, grab it with both hands and help spread it to others.
  • Practice being grateful.  God has given us very much.  Your parents have given you very much.  Say thank you to those who have given to you and you will find yourself more able to pass those gifts on to others.

We are so proud of the people you are further becoming.  Enjoy your night celebrating you!

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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