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Lucas ReynoldsMy name is Lucas Reynolds, and I am inspired.

Picture 30,000 young people packed together in a Washington D.C. church designed to hold 10,000 waiting for six hours to celebrate a Mass together to pray for all those lost to abortion. Picture 108 young, “nerdy” teenagers dressed in Western business attire in an auditorium debating the Syrian Refugee Crisis at the University of Michigan for 12 hours straight. Picture 400 students chanting “Rise Up, Jerusalem” each Tuesday morning at a Liturgy. These are the images that I take with me to college as an alumnus of Lumen Christi Catholic School.

Reynolds Senior Scholar AthleteInspiration. It is what our world so desperately needs; young people  ready and willing to face the challenges of a changing world. This is what my education at Lumen Christi has afforded me, and it is the reason that I write this letter to you today.

It is because I am inspired to preserve the message of this school. In August of 2012, when I first yanked open the heavy green front door, I had absolutely no idea what my experience would be like.

Much has changed at Lumen Christi since then, but its core remains the same—that Jesus is the reason for this school. Meeting people while sharing the bond of faith on retreats like Kairos and experiences like the March for Life have made an undeniable impact on the man that I have become. It has been humbling, inspiring, and a privilege to be at home in the Lumen Christi community.

Lucas Reynolds Lumen Christi University MichiganI am a Catholic man ready to take on the next step of my life at the University of Michigan because of Lumen Christi. I am filled with hope for my future, the future of my classmates, and the future of this institution. It is so comforting that I wake up each day proud of the person that I have become because of my experiences at this school.

That is why today I ask you to please consider a gift to the Annual Appeal. I see the difference every day this school makes on the formation of young minds and hearts, and it is truly beautiful. Thank you for your continued support of our school, and I invite you to give today, before June 30, 2016.

Give to Lumen Christi

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  1. Mr. Justin Marcero

    So proud of the young man that Lucas has become. Lumen Christi is a place where young people thrive because of the dedicated faculty and staff, and the community that comes with it. May God bless him, and one more thing Lucas: Go Green! Go White!

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