Finding “Hygge” and Prayer This January

Dear Families, 

As we enter January, articles about “hygge” have begun popping up again.  “Hygge” is the Danish term for choosing to enjoy all the small things in life that make things  family-like and cozy.  From  a crackling fire to the bite of wind on a sunny winter’s day, “hygge” is about choosing to enjoy the season you are in.

January, especially, can be a time of small, quiet moments, of reflection and renewal.  It is a beautiful time of year for small, quiet prayers.  This month, we can choose to find God around us, in the small and quiet ways He shows Himself, and we can choose to respond to that grace with small prayers.

In the quiet of a dark and cold month, I hope you find your “hygge” and add to it some small, quiet, joyful prayers!

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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