Champions Abound at Lumen Christi!

Dear Families,

If you need a witness of the leadership, commitment, integrity, and team that our students build at Lumen Christi, you need look no further than a “3-peat”!

These young men are simply outstanding. Because they are willing to work harder than anyone else, they are champions.  Because of paying attention to the smallest details and doing those right, they are champions.  Because they push each other to be brothers, they are champions.  Because they persevere through tough times, they are champions.  Because they dream big dreams together, as a team, they are champions.

The cheerleaders, band, parents, and fans that supported them are simply outstanding.  Because they are willing to give to someone else’s shine, they are champions.  Because they are dedicated, week in and week out, they are champions.  Because they know even the small things matter, they are champions.  Because they understand we are all one community, dreaming together, they are champions.

At Lumen Christ, our culture doesn’t come from championships; our championships come from our culture. Integrity, discipline, and most definitely hard work pay off.

If you need further evidence of integrity, discipline, and hard work in our schools, I invite you to look no further than our fall play.  Featuring a wide variety of students from different grade levels, organizations, and backgrounds, these students exhibit those same championship traits — their dreams are just as big, but maybe with a few more laughs. Please join us for our fall play this weekend (details included in the announcements).

Dream big, Titans!

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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