Becoming Our Best — with Each Other

Dear Families,

This Thursday, I saw in the chapel with our state-bound tennis players, praying for their upcoming matches.

They were glowing.

Some of it was the beautiful light in the chapel (we were sure the Holy Spirit had joined us!), but most of it was the intense joy they were experiencing from being part of something bigger than themselves, working towards a common goal.  Each of them felt deeply connected to their team, their teammates, and our school in that moment.

Whether is on the soccer field, the baseball diamond, the softball dugout, the green, the track, or at our Honors Assemblies next week, together, our students work to be the best version of themselves and the best part of the team they can be.  By each working together, they make the other greater. This — thisis community.

Go Titans!

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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  1. Marybeth Kaak

    Amen….ALLELUIA! Great observations, Mrs. K! Come, Holy Spirit!!

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