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This Week at LC 12/15/17

Quarterly Assessment Schedule

From the Main Office:  Please find the  schedule for 7th and 8th grade Quarterly Assessments for Q2 and 9th – 12th grade Semester 1 exams below.  Please note that Monday, Dec. 18th and Tuesday, Dec. 19th are full school days for all students; Wed., Dec. 20th – Friday, Dec. 22nd are exam days for 9th – 12th with 10:10 dismissal; Wednesday, Dec. 20th and Thursday, Dec. 21st are full days for 7th and 8th and Friday, Dec. 22nd is a half day for 7th and 8th.

Exam Days for HS:

19: P 1

20: P 2, 3 (10:10 release)

21: P 4, 7 (10:10 release)

22: P 8, 9 (10:10 release)

MS Regular Schedule with QAs

18: Social Studies and Religion

19: English and Reading

20: Math and Science

21: Elective

8th Grade Students Taking 9th Grade Classes will take the HS exam with their class; alternate arrangements will be made for supervision and coverage as needed.

From the Main Office

From the Main Office: We need your help!  We know that we are most successful when we partner together to be consistent for students.  We understand that each family has a different situation, with different transportation arrangements, different cars, and different travel times.  If we have severe weather (like Wednesday), you are the best judge of your family’s situation.  If you feel like your student needs to leave the school, please call to dismiss them or come to pick them up.  However, we would like to try to stop students from coming to ask to call home to be let out.  Students have significantly less information than the school or you do about the road conditions or weather and will frequently say things like “everyone is leaving” that aren’t always true.  This can create hectic situations when students’ best place is almost always in class.  Additionally, please remember that students are never allowed to have cell phones in class.  If you take their text or text them while they are in class, you make their teachers’ jobs very challenging.  Please always call our office — in big events, we push all staff to the front to answer your calls.

Thank you for working with us to make sure as much of your investment as possible is spent on education!

From the Main Office:  Please note that due to the holiday there will be no parent newsletter next week.  You will receive a newsletter with updates over break!

From the Main Office:  It is time for students to sign up for next Quarter’s seminar!  All students must sign up by Friday, December 22.  Please remember that for the last two quarters, all students that have signed up have received their first or second choice!  Please use the link here:

To help you talk with your student, we created a catalog of opportunities so you would know which seminars are being offered.  Please find it attached here! Q3 Seminar Catalog.docx

Academic Seminars

From the Instructional Team:  Next week, Monday and Tuesday will be academic seminars to prepare for exams.  HS students should report to their normal Wednesday – Thursday seminar on Monday and Tuesday.

How-To Check Lunch Balances

From The Cafeteria:  To check student lunch account balances please use the link that is on the Lumen Christi Website.  Choose the Student Life tab, then drop down to Lunch Menu.  Under the lunch menu there will be a link that says “Access Your Student’s Lunch Account” .  Click on that to proceed.  If you have not set up an account, your will need to know your student’s lunch ID number, found on their school ID.

ACT Preparation

From Mr. Havlicek: Students and Parents grades 7-11: We will be partnering once again with Sylvan Learning Center to provide an opportunity for your student to receive practice taking the ACT. The opportunity will be held at Lumen Christi on January 20th, 2018. The cost will be $30 and it will run from 8am-1pm that day. Mark your calendars now so we can help all our students prepare. Attached you will find a form to be used for the registration. ACT_Registration_Flyer-2.pdf

Juniors: College Planning Packets

From Mr. Havlicek: Parents of Juniors: Right before Christmas Break, all Juniors will be receiving the JUNIOR PLANNING PACKET for COLLEGE in their email account. This important piece of information to help them begin the College Planning Process will be used during their initial college meeting with Mr. H, held between January and the end of March (Spring Break). It is very important that students and parents are able to look through and work through the packet together BEFORE the meeting so they can be best helped for identifying a direction for college. Email Mr. Havlicek ( with any questions.

Scholarship News

From Mr. Havlicek: Discover Scholarship Sweepstakes — Discover® Student Loans is giving away a total of $100,000 in scholarships to 40 individuals.  Students can enter to win a $2,500 Discover® Student Loans Scholarship Award.  Parents of eligible students can enter to win on behalf of their student. The next promotion period deadline to enter is December 31, 2017, with a drawing date of January 8, 2018.  Visit for free and valuable planning and paying for college tips and resources including Scholarships Sweepstakes, Scholarship Search and related articles and videos.

From Mr. Havlicek: Attention Seniors! Scholarship Opportunity!  The Sigmund Foundation is offering scholarships for college or trade schools up to $5,000 per year based on financial need.  Please find more information at

Girls Softball Coach Needed

From Mr. Reis: We have a head coaching position available in Girls’ Softball.   Please help us find our next great leader and mentor for our young ladies!


Experience in coaching high school sports, preferably in girls softball

Available for afternoon practice and games

plus available for away bus trips

Available for some field preparation for home games

MHSAA Requirements:

Coaching Course – Level 1

CPR Certified

Complete On-line Rules Meeting for softball

Please send Jerry Reis a letter of interest with credentials to

Choir Fundraiser Update

From the Choir:  DATE NIGHT! Go out for dinner, a movie, and maybe some Christmas shopping while we watch your kids! Please find some updated notes on our Youth Activity Nights attached!  Note that the times remain the same but the cost has changed!  Thank you for supporting the Lumen Christi Choir!

Athletics Update

From Sarah Wilhelm, Athletic Trainer: With a new sports season, just a friendly reminder that when your student athlete goes to the doctor due to an injury, I will need a doctor’s note following the visit with recommendations and ultimately when they are cleared to return to activity. A good rule of thumb to remember is that I’m all for having more information than not enough. This way I can care for your student in the best way possible.


  • From Mr. Marcero: Shout out to the choir and band kids for being flexible with the new concert time. Thank you to all who came!
  • From Mrs. Lefere: Big shout out to Cam White, McKenna Crowley, Tomas Sambaer for staying late to help clean up the rat dissection mess.  I appreciate you so much!!!!
  • From Mrs. Spoelstra:   Lumen Christi’s Light shines bright through good deeds. Today, during this season of Advent,  I witnessed generosity, thoughtfulness, and friendship, given with great joy fromAnna Smiley and Michaela Hauer.
  • From Mrs. Fleming: Shout out to these seniors who have logged over 100 service hours as Lumen Christi students. Well over the 60 hours all of our students provide before graduating. What a wonderful spirit of service they demonstrate:

Caden Simpson 174

Ben Pelletier      156

Christian Semenchuk  137

Jillian Wetzel        119

Madeline Colella   113

Carolyn Sauter     112

Josie Gibson        111

Colleen McDonnell  102

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