How-to Tips for Parents to Support Student Success


Stephanie Kristovic Lumen Christi Catholic SchoolWe are so lucky to have engaged, supportive parents! Often, you e-mail me and ask what you can do at home to support your students.  Frequently, I hear two concerns: My student never does homework!  They have a bunch of missing assignments!  Or, my student does homework for hours!  They aren’t sleeping!

There are a few things you can do help your student if you have one of these two types of student at home!

If you have a student who never brings homework home, or frequently says they don’t have homework, or has many homework missing assignments, you might be able:

1. Create a Homework “Ticket”

To earn a choice behavior, like screen time, students must show they have their homework completed.  If they say they left their homework at school, they can re-do it at home if they would like to earn their privilege.

2. Create Sacred “Learning Time”

Set aside an hour every night for learning.  If students have homework, they should work on it then.  If they say they don’t have homework, they will study, read, or do ACT or SAT prep during that time.  This way, students don’t have a time incentive to not do their homework.

3. Make Sure Students Complete Missing Assignments

Make your student complete every missing assignment, no matter how long ago it was or whether or not they will receive significant credit.  If students know they will have to do it eventually, they are more motivated to do it now!

How to Manage Workload

If you have a student who frequently brings home a lot of homework and is experiencing anxiety about their workload, you can help by:

  1. Define when students will take a break and options for healthy breaks: a walk outside for some air, playing with the dog, having a snack, taking a shower.  Typically, they should take a break whenever they switch to a new subject area or every 45 minutes – hour (just like school!)
  2. At the beginning of the night, do a work “conference”.  Look at the time available for the student to work (maybe an hour and a half), and decide how much time will be spent on each subject.
  3. Time students work.  Many times, students with homework anxiety are spending 20% of their time doing 90% of the work and the remaining 80% of the time toiling over the last 10%.  Set a goal for how long it should take, set a timer, and when the timer goes off, evaluate whether or not it is worth continuing.  Maybe, start another subject and come back for the last “10%” if time allows.

One of the most frequent notes we get from our alum is how far and away better they were prepared for college than their peers.  Thank you for all of your investment in our vision for academic excellence, and ultimately, our students’ success!

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic

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