Lumen Christi Uniforms 2016-17

Lumen Christi Catholic School 2016-2017 uniforms

A preview of our new uniforms.

Many are aware that Lumen Christi Catholic School will be making some changes to school uniforms for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.

Several myths have popped up regarding the new uniforms. We hope that you find the following ‘Myth-busting’ information to be helpful.

Myth vs. Fact

MythSeniors are exempt or grandfathered in for next year.

Truth Seniors will adhere to the new uniform requirements.


MythStudents must wear a uniform to gym class purchased by Educational Outfitters.

TruthStudents may wear a t-shirt and athletic shorts to gym class.


Myth Boys must wear a tie.

Truth Boys in 9th – 12th grade have the option to wear a polo shirt or the uniform shirt and tie.


Myth The dress code for shoes has changed.

TruthThe dress code for shoes will remain the same.


Myth7th and 8th graders are not part of the uniform change.

Truth7th and 8th graders will buy the pants from Educational Outfitters.  The tops are optional for this year only.  They may continue to wear the LC polo for the 2016/17 school year.


Myth If my pants rip, I have to pay for a new pair.

TruthEducational Outfitters guarantees their products for one full year.  They will replace pants that tear in unusual places or do not hold up.


Myth The new uniform will cost $2,500!

Truth You can spend as little as $54.98 on the new uniform if you start with one pair of pants and one shirt.  It is easy to add items throughout the year when there are specials.


MythAll girls must wear the skirt.

TruthThe skirt is an option for 9th – 12th grade girls.


MythThe pants do not come in many sizes.

TruthThe pants come in multiple sizes and can be custom fit.  Educational Outfitters will be at school on April 20th to fit all students.  You may also visit their store in Lansing.  In addition, uniform tops will be carried in the Titan Fan Shop.


MythUniform items cannot be returned.

TruthIf items are purchased prior to August and your student grows during the summer, Educational Outfitters will exchange the items.


Myth There are no discounts available.

TruthYou may use T.R.I.P. to purchase uniform items from Educational Outfitters to save on tuition.


Please visit the dress code page for more details and information on how to order. If you have any additional questions about school uniforms, please feel free to contact Assistant Principal/Dean of Students Brian Garred at 517.787.0630 or



  1. Patty Soltis

    Can you buy shirts from any retailer (as long as they meet uniform requirements) and have Ed Outfitters put logo on?

    1. Mrs. Kristovic

      Hi Patty!

      All uniform items must be purchased from Educational Outfitters. Educational Outfitters will not embroider the logo on other items of clothing. This ensures a consistent product and fit to meet our goal of having a professional, consistent uniform supporting focused, academic classes. When students come in to school, they will be required to have the full uniform, not just the logo. Please feel free to reach out to Educational Outfitters or the school if you have any questions about fit or purchasing.

      Mrs. Kristovic

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