Principal’s Weekly Message

Weekly message from Principal Stephanie KristovicKristovic.


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Dear Families,

You may have heard rumors about an incident between a staff member and a student this past week. As a general rule, we do not share information about personnel with others or information about specific students with those outside their immediate family.  We know that this can create challenges, but appreciate your understanding for how these general policies protect our staff, students, and school.

While we cannot provide specific details, we commit to you to work to always act in our core values of faith, integrity, character, and excellence.  We are incredibly grateful for your love of Lumen Christi, and, as always, ask for your prayers for all those who call themselves a “Titan”!

In the Light of Christ,

Mrs. Kristovic


From Mrs. Lienhart:  Announcing the 21st Annual 7/8 Road Trip to Chicago!  Interested 7th and 8th graders and parents are invited to an informational meeting on Tuesday, May 23rd at 7 p.m. in the LC Library regarding our Chicago trip in October 2017.  All 6th and 7th grade students were given an introduction letter and trip info on Friday.  If you have any questions or are unable to attend and would like further information I can be reached via email:

From Mrs. Kristovic:  On Thursday, June 22, we will be hosting the first Uniform Day of the summer!  Students will be able to visit the Used Uniform Sale and attend an Educational Outfitters fit and order day from 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. that day. Please stay tuned for uniform turn in dates for the 7th-11th graders!

  • Students will submit pieces and be mailed payment after the sale based on the pieces sold.
  • Unsold pieces will be held until September 15 (through several additional sales) and available for pick-up.
  • All pieces will be offered at the same price: $15 for skirts and Chi Rho Sweaters; $10 for uniform pants, button down Chi Rho shirts, and quarter-zips; and $5 for uniform polos.  The purchaser will pay a $2 handling fee for each item purchased remitted to Lumen Christi to offset the cost of hosting the sale.
  • Items must be washed and in good condition to sell — items with holes, rips, tears, or fading or bleach marks will not be accepted.

From Mrs. Kristovic:  Spinners will no longer be allowed in school at all.  They are a repeated distraction in class and could potentially lead to safety issues.  If students bring spinners, they will be confiscated and held for parent pick-up. Students with attention challenges who would like to use a fidget tool should see Mrs. Garred or Mrs. Kuhl for recommendations on approved and non-disruptive fidgets.

From Mrs. Fleming, Registrar: Parents of students in current grades 8 through 11:   please review your student’s course requests for the next school year. They can be viewed on the Powerschool Parent Portal by clicking the Class Registration icon. Student’s need a total of 16 courses (including Lunch) for the 17-18 school year. The course requests should reflect the selections on the 2017-2018 Scheduling forms. Scheduling forms were distributed in March, signed by parents and returned during one of our Course Advisory nights or turned in by students to their Homeroom teacher.  Questions may directed to Amy Fleming, or ext. 429.

From Student Council:  If you haven’t had a chance this week to vote for the Oscars, click on the link below to pick your favorites in all the categories.  Polls will close 3 pm this Saturday.

And please join us for the Oscars at 7 pm on Saturday night.  We’ll be rolling out the red carpet!.  Dress in your formal attire (see guidelines below).  We’ll have performances by some of our talented students here at Lumen!

Oscar Voting

Dress Code:

Girls —

A dress or gown that is appropriately fitting and modest must be worn with dress shoes.  Hemlines for dresses must be no shorter than 1 inch above the knee joint (where the knee bends).  Slits in the dress must be no higher than 1 inch above the knee joint.  NO:  plunging necklines, exposed cleavage, visible midriffs, cutouts below the traditional bra line, sheer material allowing skin to show.  Spaghetti straps and strapless dresses are allowed provided they follow the other rules listed here.  Dresses may be backless provided they are not cut below the middle of the ribcage.  No pierced body parts are to be visible except the earlobes.  No visible tattoos.


A tuxedo or suit must be worn (full-length pants, dress shirt, and tie are required).  Dress shoes and socks must be worn.  Formal hats may be worn (no baseball caps may be worn).  No pierced body parts are to be visible.  No visible tattoos.

From the Cafeteria: Please find directions for accessing your student’s lunch account information below.

***You will need to know your student’s ID before you begin.****

Your student will know their ID number or it is also on their ID card in the left lower corner.

1) Click on this link:

2)Click on the Sign Up button.

3)Enter your email address and click on the Request Password button.

4) Password will be sent to your email.  Save this password!! It is not temporary.

5)Click on the Add Student button.

6)Enter all fields.

7) You will be able to access your student’s account

8) For more than one student, repeat process by clicking on the Add Student tab.

Please contact Linda Leigh with additional questions:


  • From Mr. Havlicek: Congrats to the Class of 2017 for all their hard work to gain acceptance to College! 92% of the Senior Class is College-bound!
  • From Mrs. Fletcher: Shout-out to Ben Lefere and Morgan Manchester for organizing students in their class, as they recreated scenes from some of Spain’s festivals in our version of the Mannequin Challenge.
  • From Mrs. Lefere: Shout out to those cafeteria line   helpers who serve lunch!!   That is intense and you all make it look so easy!!!